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Hotel Colbert Avignon

Wifi at the hotel.

For 3 years we had been waiting for the possibility of connecting the hotel via fiber, the intramural area of ​​Avignon had not yet been provided with it.
This has been done since the beginning of July 2023, the connection is effective but however this connection can only be used by the cable installed at the reception, which means that our customers cannot currently take advantage of it.

To remedy this lack, we have decided to change the existing equipment, the realization of this new wifi installation via fiber has been effective since August 24, 2023.

Optical fiber is a technology that allows access to very high speed internet.

No longer desperately searching for a good connection or having to stop a search for lack of speed is downright boring.

From now on, you will be able to work or do your research without being slowed down by a bad connection.

If the wi-fi in the room is the base, the fiber dedicated to very high speed is a considerable advantage.

This is how we can now assure you that you will have access to a high-speed internet network.

We hope that this installation will satisfy you and we thank you for the patience you have had in the past.


Free high-speed Wi-Fi connection available throughout the Hotel

wifiYou will find the access codes, login and password on a sign attached to the wall of your room.


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