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Le Colbert is an authentic little « hôtel de charme » located right
in the historic city centre of Avignon,near the square AgricolPerdiguier.
Avignon Procence City of culture The Pont of Avignon,
the palace of the popes
, monuments, collections, museums and of course the festival of Avignon during july each year, everything make the richness of heritage.
Come and discover is picturesque alleys, garden and restaurants.

The hotel is in a quiet side street and is within 100 metres of the main thoroughfare.

Hotel information and facilities.
Accommodation details.

This is a non smoking hotel and does not have a lift/elevator
The hotel does not have rooms for people with reduced mobility.

Hotel Colbert Avignon

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Hotel Le Colbert access print pocket map
Public car park indigo Jean Jaures within 3 minutes walk of the hotel.
The charge is 14 € for the' night with a maximum of 20 € for 24 hours staying.
There are discounted rates for longer stays.
The hotel is within a short walk of the TGV shuttle train service,
and the main train and coach stations.



Avignon agenda and news

palais des papes obscur
From May 22 to June 26: The 1001 faces of the Palace of the Popes in Avignon.
An invitation to discover the Palais des Papes through the dark and
mysterious episodes of its history! Immerse yourself with us in the chimeras of the Middle Ages! The famous Palais des Papes
was the scene of plots, poisoning attempts,superstitions. This visit is a different way of approaching its history through legends and fiction.

angladon 27 mai 03 oct
From May 27 to October 03. Angladon Museum.
Also known as Man Ray. A private collection. to Avignon.

The Angladon Museum - Jacques Doucet Collection presents an exhibition that highlights, through a hundred paintings,drawings,
rayograms and other experimental creations, the lesser-known side of Man Ray, namely his invented work. We know Man Ray (1890-1976) photographer. Having become famous as a portrait painter of artistic personalities in the interwar
period of Paris, he is also a painter, draftsman, creator of objects, graphic designer, draftsman, theorist, poet, filmmaker.
While photography makes him famous and allows him to live comfortably, it is not enough for the artist in Man Ray.
“Photography is not art”, he does not hesitate to write the title of a book-manifesto that he publishes with André Breton in 1937.
Along with his work as a photographer, he develops in counterpoint to the activities he qualifies as "creative", "freer", "more imaginative".

They are for him "the essential of life". It is this other Man Ray that the exhibition at the Angladon Museum -
Jacques Doucet Collection highlights, under the title Also known as man Ray. A private collection..

Thanks to exceptional loans from a private collection, the Jacques Doucet Literary Library and the Center Pompidou, 
around a hundred works are to be discovered along a journey that seeks to illuminate this less known and essential side of the artist,
namely his invented work: paintings, drawings, but also rayograms revealing the magic of objects simply placed on a sensitive film,
lithographs, collages and other experimental pieces, including two films from the surrealist period.
For Lauren Laz, director of the Museum and curator of the exhibition, these non-commercial works “are born from another necessity,
personal this time: they are guided, in substance, by freedom and pleasure and, in form, by a desire to do things differently,
to break with existing aesthetic conventions, a typically modern desire for change. ".

The exhibition highlights the many facets of this abundant artist, exploring new horizons of modernity in the company of his plastic artist
and poet friends: the Dada temptation which leads him, along with Duchamp, to "fabricate" strange images; the adventure of free books led
with Paul Éluard; the "disturbing strangeness" cultivated by the surrealist community, and its flowering of diverted,
dreamed and reinvented objects; and finally the Man Ray aesthetic linked to Hollywood cinema.

Among the works on display: the Revolving Doors series (1916-1917) where Man Ray cuts, glues, and stencils colored masses.
Rayograms, in which Man Ray lets objects reveal their truth, transposing to the plastic field the idea of ​​automatic writing
dear to the surrealists. Notably the very first ones, published in 1922 in the album Champs delightful with a preface by Tristan Tzara,
and others including those made in 1931 for the album Électricité.

Let us also quote the originals of the drawings of the book Les Mains Libres, illustrated with poems by Paul Eluard, 
including an exceptional drawing, an unpublished version of the Broken Bridge, where the long silhouette of a woman -
perhaps the muse Nusch Éluard - marries that of Pont d'Avignon. At the Observatory Time - Les Amoureux, lithograph in which two entwined
bodies can be guessed in the form of celestial lips. Domesticated Egg, which testifies to his creation of assembled and
reinvented objects accompanied by a second degree title. Much ado about nothing, from the Shakespearean Equations series
made from mathematical objects photographed at the Poincaré Institute. The Poet, who takes up the face of the Dying Slave
sculpted by Michelangelo. And the portrait of Man Ray by Warhol, which closes the course.

This exhibition takes on its full meaning within the Museum, which houses the Jacques Doucet (1853-1929) collection. 
The inventor of haute couture, a patron very involved with the surrealists, came into contact with Man Ray in 1922
thanks to André Breton. From then on, he took a very close interest in his work, collected his works, and in 1925
entrusted him with the task of making his photographic portrait, a print of which belongs to the Museum's collections.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication reproducing the entire private collection that is the subject of it. 
This work renews, with polyphonic contributions, the knowledge and interpretation of a work, in search of another Man Ray.

maison jean villar

From June 04 to November 14.
50 years after the artist's death, the J. Vilar association presents an outdoor photographic exhibition that invites visitors
to explore the Vilarian adventure Côté Jardin, beyond the time of representations. For 5 months, with free access, Côté Jardin invites walkers to discover a route of around thirty unique photographs, in large formats,
in the popular Jardin des Doms, this extraordinary garden adjoining the Palais des Papes and the cradle of the city. The result of meticulous research in the Maison Jean Vilar archives and in various public and private funds, these photographs -
often unpublished - bear witness to the vitality and commitment of Jean Vilar and his troupe. They also reflect the unfailing link
between the theater and the Festival and the City of Avignon. They are signed by Agnès Varda, the friend from Sète, Maurice Costa,
the local witness, and all the other photographers who have followed the adventure of Popular National Theater in its midday. Côté Jardin, in the shadow of memories, remains the unforgettable presence of those who created another way of doing and sharing the theater:
Jean Vilar and all the beautiful troupe of the TNP, Gérard Philipe, Maria Casarès, Philippe Noiret, Silvia Monfort, Daniel Gélin ...
and many others. These images reveal to us the other side of the stage, behind the scenes of the Avignon nights: work, team spirit, fatigue,
play, rest, family, and always the clairvoyant presence of Jean Vilar who directs and invented in all necessity, the theater under the sun,
the theater far from Paris. They testify to the imprint of Avignon in the theater of Jean Vilar. They also tell us of the strength,
vitality and joy of doing theater together, yesterday and today..
cot coulisses
From june 06 to june 27.The Palace of the Popes, behind the scenes in Avignon.
Unusual visit to discover the monument's rooms usually closed to the public, including the majestic Conclave room. A rare privilege!.
The opportunity to learn stories and anecdotes about the private life of the Pope and his court in the 14th century.
balade gourmande
From june 06 to december 31, Balade gourmande by Avignon Gourmet Tour à Avignon.
About 4 hours of guided tour to meet our artisans, combining history, gastronomy, Provençal traditions and small addresses ...
More than 10 tastings (chocolates, wine, local specialties ...) followed by a "Postcard Picnic", all in a friendly atmosphere,
eco-responsible approach and respect for barrier gestures!.

au temps des papes
From june 07 to june 30, Avignon au temps des papes.
A dive into medieval Avignon including a visit to the famous Palais des Papes!.
March 9, 1309: Pope Clement V stops in Avignon, it is the beginning of a period of great prosperity for the city.
But what was this small Provencal city like at the dawn of the 14th century? Who populated it? How did people live there? What were we doing there? And what were the repercussions
of such an installation?
Walk through the cobbled streets of Avignon and embark on a real journey through time, discovering the many medieval monuments that make up the charm of the city.
This guided tour includes the UNESCO perimeter and a visit to the famous Palais des Papes, the largest Gothic palace in the world!.

jerome taub lambert collection
From june 07 to august 30, Jérôme Taub - Purple America à Avignon, collection Lambert.
The series of photographs produced by Jérôme Taub is the result of a project for a visual journey to the heart of contemporary America.

les estivales du rhone

From June 10 to July 01 Avignon Square Agricol Perdiguier. Four evenings to taste the wines of the nearby region and meet the producers, all to music in a pretty garden! The fourth edition of Estivales du Rhône, on Thursdays 3, 10, 17 and 24 June from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., invites you to come and
meet the winegrowers of the Côtes du Rhône. Come and discover how tastes and colors are discussed… and tasted! An invitation to celebrate the beautiful days in Avignon, Capital of the Côtes du Rhône.
SHARING AND CONVIVIALITY These two values ​​have been carried by the Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône since their creation in 1994. They retain all their strength
for these “after work” evenings. THE TASTING In one of the most beautiful parks in the city, more than 20 regional winegrowers and producers will share their good humor and
their good products, in a festive and colorful atmosphere. This year, music groups will come to liven up the evenings of the Estivales du Rhône. Local and regional specialties
will be offered to you to accompany your tastings of Côtes du Rhône wines.
patrimoine unesco

On June 10, 11 and 12 at the Palais des Papes, Avignon celebrates its 25th year of inclusion on the World Heritage List! On this occasion, the City of Avignon and its partners have planned many events and conferences to discover.
For the 25th anniversary of its inscription on the World Heritage List, the City of Avignon and its partners, the University and the Festival d'Avignon, the International Council of Monuments and Icomos-France Sites, the Association of French Properties World Heritage, under the patronage of Unesco, invite you on June 10, 11 and 12 to several highlights!.
A scientific colloquium "the inhabitants of world heritage cities: heritage attachment and everyday discourse".
A conference debate "Heritage rehabilitation and sustainable development".
The installation of a commemorative plaque of this inscription, place du Palais des Papes.
 “World heritage” walks.

avignon autrement
Dates of june 12, 19, 26, Avignon differently...Departure from the Tourist Office - 41 Cours Jean Jaurès 84000 Avignon.
A visit for the curious who want to go beyond the essentials.
Discover the Saints Corps districts, the Teinturiers district (one of the most picturesque districts of Avignon), the rue de la Bonneterie (where the Fabricateurs collective brings together some twenty artistic places), the Place Pignotte and Mont de Piété, picturesque places, far from the beaten track.
Great History and small stories will be revealed to you by your tour guide during this unique exploration.

tigres et vautours lambert
From june 26 to september 26, Yan Pei-Ming - Tigres et vautours, Collection Lambert and Grande chapelle du Palais des papes Collection Lambert - 5 rue Violette 84000 Avignon.

Even today, through this new exhibition, Yan Pei-Ming reveals all the ambition of a work fully anchored in the contemporary world, but whose very essence is revealed through a very broad understanding of space and of time, which today mobilizes the past so that we look at the present with a renewed consciousness, constantly put to the test.

Nearly 40 works by the artist from almost 40 years of artistic practice will be exhibited at the Collection. The figures of Innocent X, Paul III, Bruce Lee, Marilyn, Martin Luther King, Lee Harvey Oswald, John F. Kennedy or Mao, share the rooms on the ground floor of the mansions with the portraits of men and women - American soldiers, illegals and Sudanese children, prostitutes, unknown faces, the artist's father and mother - as well as with imaginary landscapes of exodus or representations of wild animals.

All of them tell us about the power that Yan Pei-Ming's painting has of simultaneously embracing centuries of history in order to embark, alongside the figures who shaped the world, the unknown destinies of those who constitute these peoples that history "looks directly at" to use the phrase of Georges Didi-Huberman. All of them tell us about the artist's ability to heroism enter the world of images; those that tell us all, one by one.
Lambert Collection press release.

affiches festival avignon 2021 IN  


 confrence de presse festival 2021
Festival d'Avignon 2021 "IN", 75th edition From July 5 to 25, 2021.
July 05 press conference. Saint-Louis cloister.
Karelle Prugnaud, Olivier Py, Tiago Rodrigues and Bérangère Vantusso.
Created in 1947 by Jean Vilar, the Avignon festival is recognized as one of the most important cultural events in France,
both nationally and internationally.The program is made up of around thirty shows. , but also readings, exhibitions, films and debates,
which are all entries into the universe of the guest artists. Each evening at the Festival, there are one or more "premieres",
which make Avignon a real place of creations and adventures, for artists and spectators alike. Commonly called the "IN", it is directly funded by the Ministry of Culture, Local Authorities and the City of Avignon.
An integral part of our national cultural heritage, it is currently directed by Olivier Py.

affiche festival avignon 2021 off
Festival off d'Avignon 2021 from July 07 to 31.
The OFF festival in Avignon. Since 1966, the OFF festival and all its actors (artists, companies and places) have transformed the city of Avignon in July
into a veritable breeding ground for culture, debate and creation. Spontaneous artistic creation space that developed around the Avignon Festival, at the initiative of André Benedetto. The festival was baptized "OFF" by the journalist of France evening Jacqueline Cartier, it has gradually spread in the city
to invest today more than a hundred places. Its audience, passionate about performing arts in all its genres and in all its forms, is numerous, plural and constantly changing. The OFF festival in Avignon is today one of the largest performing arts festivals in the world. The richness and
diversity of its artistic proposals make it one of the unmissable events of the summer..


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