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A little breakfast (petit déjeuner) but isn't it this meal that allows you to start the day well...

Neither in the breakfast room nor on the patio will you find a buffet.
This seems to us to be the height of waste in the hotel industry.

That's why we've always offered table service, isn't that nicer than being served.

Many of our products are individually wrapped, which seems to us to be a guarantee of freshness if even the plastics are present in the majority (it is a certain fact that plastic today is recycled and valued better than before), these used are sorted and separated as soon as they are in the kitchen in order to be deposited in the sorting bins. belonging to the city of Avignon.

We also serve organic products which we hope will be appreciated.

The whole breakfast thus presented is generally consumed
which makes it possible not to fill the waste bin with waste, which is certainly very useless.

Rate 12 euros

Service from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.


Filter coffee 100% arabica — Tea: black, earl grey tea or green tea — Infusion: basswood, chamomile or verbana — Chocolate — Orange juice — Organic yogurt — Organic compotes — Organic cheese — Organic honey — Organic milk — Organic muesli (without added sugar) — Organic jams — Organic madeleine — Bred — Butter — Croissant
and your choice of grilled bread with melted cheese or grilled brioche with salted caramel

Extra coffee, tea, infusion or chocolate Rate 3 euros

During reception opening hours
we can serve you non-alcoholic drinks

  • Coffee — Tea — Infusion — Chocolate — Perrier 33 cl — Coca Cola 33 cl  Rate 3 euros
  • Espresso   Rate 1,50 euros
  • Still water 50 ml  Rate 1,50 euros


Le Petit Bar Français
From 2 p.m. to 7 p.m

To accompany a glass of regional wine of your choice, we have chosen to serve you sardines or mackerel, lying on a bed of toasted organic country bread.

Not wishing to serve any sardine or any mackerel, we decided to trust and choose a family business and independent of the brand.
“La belle-iloise” created in 1932. (Presqu’ile de Quiberon, whose products are 100% made in France).

Why did we choose sardines and mackerel?


You should know that sardines are good for the heart since they are filled with omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin B12. It thus prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Its vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium strengthen bones. Therefore, it helps fight osteoporosis, whether fresh or canned and eaten with or without bones.
It is rich in minerals since a can of sardines contains the equivalent of 35% of the recommended daily intake of calcium. 15% iron, 10% potassium and 45% phosphorus.

Sardines have a good iron level (1.67 mg/100 g). It is tripled when consumed canned.


Keeping its nutritional values ​​intact, canned mackerel is a concentrate of complete proteins, vitamins, and minerals, as well as an omega-3 champion. 100g of mackerel cover 6 times the recommended intake of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and 3 times that of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)! Assimilated only through food, these two nutrients, essential and beneficial at any age of life, are precious fatty acids.
As for vitamins, 100g of mackerel cover 3 times the vitamin B12 requirements, 100% of the recommended intakes of vitamin D, and 41% of those of vitamin B3. They stimulate energy metabolism, the immune system, as well as all physiological and psychological functions at the same time. Finally, mackerel provides a good dose of iodine, phosphorus and selenium, marine minerals which are all antioxidants that help maintain extra health on a daily basis.

For some, mackerel has a bad reputation, but for others, it is an exceptional fish! Like Alexandre Dumas, who, in his Grand Dictionnaire de cuisine, describes mackerel as “one of the most beautiful and one of the most courageous fish that exist”. He continues his contemplation with these words:
“When he goes alive from the line to the boat, he seems made of azure, silver and gold. »

It is therefore thanks to all these virtues and knowing that these fish are appreciated by the greatest number of people
that we decided to share with you their flavors and benefits.

So if after reading the above, you have the cravings...
We will happily serve you this snack for the pleasure of your taste buds.

The plate of your choice for one person € 9.
Sardines in olive oil St Geroges 115 gr
Sardines with olive oil and lemon 115 gr
Sardines with green pepper 115 gr
Sardines with tapenade 115 gr
Mackerel fillets olive oil, lemon and 5 berries 118 gr

And if, however, you are not tempted by seafood, we can also serve you a choice of:
vegetarian pizza or 4 cheese pizza or mozzarella pizza.

Price: € 9 per pizza per person


Lubéron (Red) — 12,5 cl                                       Rate 4 euros per glass
Côtes de Provence Organic (Rosé) — 12,5 cl       Rate 5 euros per glass
Chardonay pays d'oc  (white) — 12,5 cl                Rate 4 euros per glass

Heineken— 33 cl--- Tarif 3 €
1664 — 33 cl          Tarif 3 €

The consumption of alcohol in France is regulated by various provisions and impositions including those of licenses, our establishment holds the small restaurant license.
Which otherwise and succinctly means that the consumption of alcohol is only authorized on the condition of serving food and that the degree of alcohol offered cannot exceed 18 degrees.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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What the google comments say about it

A lovely breakfast room.

A hearty breakfast is served in a beautiful room or on the patio.

You'll have to resist Bonnie (a super-cute little dog), who'll make eyes at you at breakfast ;)

Hearty breakfast at an affordable price.

Very pleasant breakfast in the inner courtyard or in the dining room.

Breakfast can be taken in a pretty little courtyard with a small fountain.

Breakfast in the stylish back garden.

We can also recommend the breakfast :)

Good food and breakfast.

The optional breakfast at the hotel includes fresh croissants and is well worth the effort.