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AVRIL 2023

lIsle sur la Sorgue

The Vaucluse hosts the fair dedicated to antiques and old objects in the town of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Nearly 100,000 people travel nationally and internationally to hunt, admire and buy various objects from the past.
You can find books, furniture, trinkets, small objects that can be used to decorate or furnish a place with often unique pieces...


festival off 2023
The Festival Off d'Avignon is a major theater market, the public rushes to see it performed… and programmers from all over the world come to make their selection. It is the alternative theater and live performance festival that brings together the largest number of independent companies. This year 2023 it will take place from July 07 to 29. The Festival off 2022 recorded 1,570 shows, of which 912 plays were programmed. This was also the occasion for the movement of 1,200 companies. That is about 1400 performances given each day. A subscription card goes on sale in June, giving the right to discounts on Off shows.

festival in 2023

Avignon Festival 2023 - 77th edition

The Cour d'honneur of the Palais des Papes is the cradle of the festival, which invests more than 30 places in the city of Avignon and its region, in works of art but also gymnasiums, cloisters, chapels, gardens, quarries, churches...
The opportunity to discover shows, debates, meetings, readings and screenings.
The presentation of the program took place at the beginning of April.