The breakfast room

Many of our customers enjoy taking breakfast either in our breakfast room or out on the patio.We only serve fresh locally made produce. A local Artisan baker supplies us with beautifully crafted pastries and breads. A local delicatessen (La Fine Bouche) supplies us with a variety of high quality meats and cheeses. Both of these suppliers have many years of experience in providing first class produce. We have every confidence in them and believe that you too will enjoy our breakfast experience.

Traditional continental breakfast : 8 euros/pers
Bread, croissant, butter, jam, "Vache qui rit" and some other different cheese, different charcuterie, fruit compote, choice of tea, coffee or chocolate.

Extra hot drink, tea coffee or chocolate, 1/4 litre-2,50 euros/person

Service : 7:30 to 10:00 am

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